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RIP Web Forms — You Will Not Be Missed!

Via Miklos Philips | @MiklosPhilips Web forms are still mostly based on old paper forms — zombie leftovers of system-centric UIs (vs. user-centric). It’s been 30 years and we’re still typing the same information into forms over and over again.... Read more

A Marketer’s Guide to the Best Time to Send Email

Via Emily Bauer | @propellercrm Anyone who’s ever Googled “best time to send an email” knows there’s a ton of information available on this topic. The problem is the many studies on optimal email send times all seem to reach different conclusions... Read more

How to Rank for ‘Position 0’ in 3 Simple Steps: A Featured Snippets Primer

Via Stephan Spencer | @sspencer What is a featured snippet, and how can you position your content to rank for one? This article explains this search feature and provides tips for optimizing your pages for it. Read full article Read more

Signal Goes Pink for the Day

We've decked out the Signal website in pink today to show support for Planned Parenthood's Pink Out Day, June 21. With access to Planned Parenthood services in jeopardy as Congress crafts new health care legislation, Pink Out Day's a way to draw... Read more

The Really Good Guide to Email Design (+ Bonus Checklist)

Via Kim Courvoisier | @stiggy1 Want an email that looks awesome and converts like crazy? Campaign Monitor joined forces with Really Good Emails to take the guesswork out of designing an excellent email with this email design guide and checklist... Read more

Tech Companies Plan Online Rally to Save Net Neutrality

Via Tom Brandt | @branttom The rally, scheduled for July 12, is the latest attempt to bombard the Federal Communications Commission with comments in support of net neutrality. Read full article Read more

3 Deadly Marketing Automation Mistakes – and What to Do About Them

Via Pratik Dholakiya | @DholakiyaPratik Marketing automation is a relatively new concept which can work magic for businesses of all backgrounds. However, of the companies who invest, many fail to maximize their return from that investment, or even... Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Body Text Should Be Bigger

Via Design Shack The body text on your website is too small. While desktop monitors and phone screens seem to be increasing in size, body font sizes have seemingly shrunk. While their original size is the same, they feel smaller than ever. Read... Read more

Survey: U.S. Ad-blocking Usage 40% on Laptops, 15% on Mobile

Via Greg Sterling | @gsterling A new report from AdBlock Plus and Global Web Index indicates ad avoidance is the core issue for most ad blockers. Read full article Read more

5 Secrets to Creating an About Us Page New Readers Will Love

Via Devan Ciccarelli The answers your website visitors are seeking aren’t always visible on your homepage or your products page. That’s why your About Us page is so important to get right. Here's a checklist to get you started. Read full article Read more