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Are Gradients the New Colors?

Via Gal Shir | @galgalshir Colors are one of the most important and powerful elements in design. Since design is an evolution, our perception of colors (and the ways we use them) is ever-changing. Read full article Read more

When a Data Breach Can Be a Benefit to Your Brand

Via Juliette Rizkallah | @juliettesultan No two breaches tell the same story, and how a company reacts and responds to a breach is what will be remembered. To get ahead of the next data breach you may face as an enterprise, this article presents... Read more

Should You Create a Company or Personal Blog?

Via Neil Patel | @neilpatel Blogging has been a game-changing marketing strategy for many smaller businesses and has enabled them to compete with much larger industry titans. In many ways, it’s one of the most revolutionary marketing strategies in... Read more

7 Pieces of Information Necessary for Any Marketing Strategy

Via Samuel Edwards | @samuel_quincy A lot of work goes into the execution and follow-up of great marketing campaigns. Before you finalize a strategy, make sure you have these seven pieces of information. Read full article Read more

Here's How My Email Newsletter Remains My Best Marketing Tool

Via Jacqueline Whitmore | @etiquetteexpert Newsletters easily made the transition from snail mail to email, but now they are so old-school marketers don't realize how well the good ones work. Read full article Read more

Baby Boomers Are Aging – And Designers Need To Adapt

Via Katharine Schwab | @kschwabable Here are four principles to help designers adapt to the demographic shift as Americans age. Read full article Read more

75% of Marketers Optimize Mobile Sites

Via Heather Fletcher | @heatherreporter Mobile-optimized websites dominated in 2016, with 75 percent of responding marketers saying they invested in making their sites accessible to the devices. That number’s grown in 2017, as even Google demands... Read more

New Research Reveals What Makes Great, Shareable Content

Via Jay Baer | @jaybaer Recommendations from real people are more trustworthy than recommendations from brands, but what type of content is most likely to trigger that sharing behavior? New content marketing research answers those questions. Read... Read more

Top 3 Free SEO Tips for Beginners

Via Andy Crestodina | @crestodina A roundup of Andy Crestodina's best SEO tips and tricks. He's given these tips hundreds of times because they're the most valuable to most people, especially for beginners and small businesses. Here are his top... Read more

Why Notifications Deliver Great Customer Experience

Via Brent Sleeper | @BrentSleeper Notifications are crucial for building trust and driving user engagement. This article explains why apps and services should be thinking about how customers experience notifications from the start. Read full... Read more