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Marketing Essentials: What Is a Blog and How Should a Company Use One?

Via Tyler Kurbat The idea of blogging is starting to sound antiquated. But as many things change in the world of content marketing, the importance of a blog — properly leveraged, of course — remains. Read full article Read more

The Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building

Via E-Web Marketing How do you compete with the big boys while not resorting to link building tactics that might endanger not only your SEO campaigns – but your business and livelihood? Read on .... Read full article Read more

Qualities of Superb Landing Page Design and 7 Examples That Exemplify Them

Via Vin Gaeta | @vinimpact Landing pages are the real heavy lifters on your website. If your landing pages aren’t attractive, optimized for experience and conversion, and user-focused, you’ll have a really hard time generating qualified leads from... Read more

Adobe Reveals the Secrets of Email

Via Paddi MacDonnell | @pdmacdonnell Adobe shared the results of its 3rd annual consumer email survey, and while some of the findings are extremely predictable — nobody likes spam — others are downright shocking. Read full article Read more

How to Write a Perfect Meta Description

Via Brian Lich Meta descriptions are often a less-loved stepchild of the SEO world. This article instructs you how to write a meta description further, beginning first with a few basics and then transitioning into a few best practices and useful... Read more

Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce

Central VT Chanber of Commerce is your complete guide to travel, recreation, entertainment, and quality of life in the region. Commercial and demographic information as well as financing programs and more. Skiing, snowmobiling, lodging and... Read more

How to Successfully Grow Engaged Email Lists

Via Kim Courvoisier A look at how to balance email list growth and engagement and why it’s so important to your email marketing success. Read full article Read more

Improve Your Business Use of Twitter with These Steps

Via Taha Aziz How do you come up with a tweet? Start off with your objective; what are you trying to achieve? Whatever it might be, always have an objective to tie to. Here's a run down of the four basic types of things you can post to Twitter.... Read more

How To Market To Each Generation on Social Media

Via SkyBound Digital This infographic focuses on the overall activities and audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and how to reach each generation of users effectively. Read full article Read more

7 Tips to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Via Ritchie Hale Over the last several years, the U.S. market has seen a rapid increase in e-commerce sales and transactions. Although e-commerce sales revenue has grown and merchandise is moving across the country faster than ever before, there's... Read more