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Design: Microinteractions Make the Difference

Via Noupe You think the big picture is what counts? You’re right, but only as long as it differentiates itself sufficiently. Today, the small UI elements and features are far more important. Thus, microinteractions are what you should pay special... Read more

How To Design Winning Email Newsletters

Via John Munday If you want your communications to be noticed, you need to come up with content that is concise, intriguing, and visually compelling. An eye-catching design is more important than ever, and if your email doesn’t look professional,... Read more

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz and Skyrocket Referral Sales

Via Matt Warren | @mattwarren78 Finding new ways to generate e-commerce sales is getting tougher. Competition is fierce. And simply having a presence and a nice looking web store is no longer enough to make you stand out. But there’s one powerful... Read more

Behavioral Marketing 101: The 3 Best Personalization Tactics You Haven’t Tried

Via Rikke Thomsen | @rikkethomsen91 If you’re like most marketers, you sent the same email to everyone on your list. But doing so increases your unsubscribe rate and lowers your open and click-through rates — meaning, you let a lot of potential... Read more

8 Ways to Up Your Social Media Content Game

Via Phong Ly | @phongtly You can no longer limit strengthening your relationship with your audience to just talking to them about your brand, products and services. You need to create interesting and relevant content for them and, when you up your... Read more

Really Bad UX Mistakes That Even Great Teams Make

Via Jonathan Kim | @hijonathan This article breaks down some really bad UX mistakes that show up even in popular products with talented teams. Learn these mistakes and understand why they don't work so you can avoid them. Read full article Read more

Offboarding — The Way to Say Goodbye to Your Users

Via Vitaly Dulenko | @atKo_O Finishing relations with your users is as important as starting them. Even this unpleasant situation is a good chance to provide an awesome user experience. Read full article Read more

Designing for Human Attention

Via Martin Jancik | @MartinJancik Design is perceived by our senses (vision, touch, hearing), and is immediately processed by our brain. Designers have to understand how to create experiences that go hand in hand with how the human brain evaluates... Read more

How to Increase Your Sales with Better Product Photos

Via Traffic & Sales High-quality product photos are the key to increasing your online sales. It’s not just about taking flawless shots — you need to optimize your images for e-commerce so they showcase your products in the best possible way.... Read more

People Don’t Scroll (and Other Page Length Myths)

Via Marli Mesibov | @marsinthestars Webpage length doesn’t have a rule. It has guidelines. Here are a few myths to avoid and guidelines to follow when writing page content. Read full article Read more