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How to Increase Your Sales with Better Product Photos

Via Traffic & Sales High-quality product photos are the key to increasing your online sales. It’s not just about taking flawless shots — you need to optimize your images for e-commerce so they showcase your products in the best possible way.... Read more

People Don’t Scroll (and Other Page Length Myths)

Via Marli Mesibov | @marsinthestars Webpage length doesn’t have a rule. It has guidelines. Here are a few myths to avoid and guidelines to follow when writing page content. Read full article Read more

Neuroscience Principles to Increase Conversion Optimization

Via Ben Robertson Marketing is full of possible avenues to take and places to invest your budget, but if you understand what drives customers to make decisions, a few simple changes to your store can work with their cognitive biases and increase... Read more

Common On-Site Search Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Via Stephen Moyers Your website’s search function could be damaging your conversion rates. And if it’s not acting as a bane to your conversion rates, it could be doing something almost as bad: not helping them either. Read full article Read more

How Is Google's New "Questions and Answers" Feature Being Used?

Via Miriam Ellis Ever since Google rolled out Questions and Answers in mid-2017, writer Miriam Ellis has been trying to get a sense of its reception by consumers and brands. This feature enables local business owners and the public to answer... Read more

4 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Social Community to Promote Your Business

Via The DesignBold Team In this content-overloaded environment, content is perceived as another commodity, however, there are new tactics which can help you get your content seen. One of these tactics is by creating a social community. Read full... Read more

User Experience for Ecommerce: How to Improve User Experience with Customer Feedback

Via Alex Birket | @iamalexbirkett We all want to be data-driven marketers and entrepreneurs. Nobody sets out wanting to make decisions on their ego, and we all want to do the right thing to improve our business’ metrics. The missing ingredient is... Read more

All Followers Are Fake Followers

Via Ian Bogost | @ibogost A recent New York Times exposé of a “black market” for online fame diagnoses the symptom of social-media despair. But, according to this analysis, it misses its cause. Read full article Read more

How Dark UX Patterns Target the Most Vulnerable

Via Ben Bate Dark UX patterns help companies maximize profits, but at the expense of the most vulnerable, and by damaging the web for everyone. Read full article Read more

Drupal vs WordPress? Which CMS is Right for Your Business

Via Imageworks Creative At Signal, we can develop your site using Drupal, WordPress or by building a custom CMS from scratch. This article runs down some of the pros and cons of Drupal and Wordpress. Read full article Read more