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5 Tips to Create Landing Page CTA That Converts

Via Audrey Menager In this second article from Audrey, she gives advice on how to produce a really effective call-to-action (CTA). Don’t neglect the power of CTA because it encourages visitors to take the desired action. Read full article Read more

5 Tips to Create Effective Design That Converts

Via Audrey Menager The user experience and design of landing pages determine whether people convert and that's why they shouldn't be underestimated. In this article, Audrey Menager gives guidance on how to achieve an effective design. Read full... Read more

5 Elements For Writing An Effective Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

Via Nicholas Dimitriadis The idea of a holiday themed email marketing campaign might seem like a stressful and time-consuming task, but in reality it doesn’t have to be. Read full article Read more

A/B Testing – You’re Doing It Wrong

Via Justin Baker | @justinucd A/B testing for many companies becomes a band-aid for poor value propositions. If your content is not being shared, maybe your content is actually not share-worthy, regardless of how amazing you make your “Share Now!”... Read more

5 Ways Etailers Can Make Online Shoppers Feel Safe

Via Richard Adhikari Companies that want to nail down their share of the holiday e-commerce bonanza must make sure their systems are secure and shoppers know they're in good hands. Here are some ways to reassure skittish customers. Read full... Read more

How to Get People to Read your Blog (and Come Back for More)

Via Daniel Ndukwu | @daniel_ndukwu How do you get people to read your blog and get hooked? How do you make them continue to come back for more? This post focuses on how to make mouthwatering content. Read full article Read more

5 Reasons To Market Your Business With Videos

Via SkyBound Digital If you want a snappy way to grab the attention of your website visitors, video marketing is the way to go. Here are our top 5 reasons to add videos to your marketing strategy. Read full article Read more

The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More in UX Design

Via Nick Patel | @NickMarcom You might think offering as many options as possible makes users more likely to purchase at least one thing from your website. However, it often distracts the user who will then put off the decision-making process and... Read more

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

Via Garry Grant These days, it seems content marketing is often touted as an alternative to SEO. However, it is possible to create content that not only creates value for users, but also build and improve on SEO. Read full article Read more

How Your Logo Might Be Hurting Your Business

Via Lexie Lu You already know coming up with a great logo is a vital part of your brand imaging, but what you might not realize are all the ways a logo can hurt your business if you don’t invest time in the perfect design. Read full article Read more