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3 Upcoming Trends in Paid Search

3 Upcoming Trends in Paid Search

Via Mona Elesseily | @webmona Recently, we've seen some fairly significant changes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Right-rail ads have disappeared, and on mobile, we're seeing more prominent placement of Google Shopping ad units. This article covers some upcoming trends in paid search and speculate on where the trends will lead. Though...
Emotional Branding

The 6 Stage of Emotional Branding

Via Steve Goldner | @SocialSteve Creating an emotional connection between customers and a brand is probably the Holy Grail of marketing. Most often, brands strive for this by being the pinnacle of something and then reinforcing that position at every touchpoint. Emotional branding goes beyond loyalty and almost creates this "I-am-with-<brand-name...

6 visual trends to guide you through 2016

Via Pam Grossman | @pamgrossman11 It's estimated around 1.5 trillion photos were taken over the course of 2015. It's a tremendously exciting time, but one byproduct of this is that as people become more visually literate than ever before, it can be hard to stand out. The rules are changing fast and it can be difficult to navigate the complexity of...